Sachiko Matsunami 松波佐知子

写真家 和菓子作家 翻訳家

photographer | wagashi practitioner | translator

写真家 photographer




橋田龍馬認定プロ写真講師 |認定子ども写真講師。



「写真がもっとうまくなる!デジタル一眼マスターBOOK」コスミック出版 (2017.11)

「GENIC vol.58」mitsubachiworks (2021.03)

As I gained more experience and understanding about photography, I had the momentous discovery that the therapeutic effects of taking pictures were very similar to yoga & meditation, in relieving stress and enhancing concentration. When I worked as a food photographer, I was enchanted by the rich world of Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) which reflects the abundant sense of seasons and nature with design and color, and I plunged into a study of Wagashi. Creating wagashi gratifies my senses and brings meditative healing moments. Now I have "Shaka-no-kai" (wagashi & photography workshops) to enjoy photography and savor nature for relaxing and self-insight while taking photos of my wagashi at a traditional Japanese tea house and garden. 


翻訳家 translator


I have translated articles of 'Yoga Journal' 'Yoga Journal Online,', children's books, company materials & websites for over 20 years.